Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Get Back Grandma – This Technology will make your Ankles Swell!

Once upon a lifetime, I worked at a company based in Nottingham called Charybdis Ltd. We worked on a game called Machines – Wired for War published by Acclaim. I am still proud of that title. It was a really good game.
Anyway, the other day I came across some old print outs of some of the thousands of concepts I did for it.

So I had to spend a lot of today in hospital having an old war wound in my leg prodded and poked and I took my baby laptop to keep me company. So I did a couple of ‘memory lane’ paintings to stave off having to talk to deaf, ill, old Dears whilst sat in waiting rooms.

The paintings aren’t particularly any good and are a bit ‘boys & guns’ but I don’t really give a monkeys – I did them in hospital waiting rooms and I enjoyed doing them (mainly the backgrounds) - so there! The laptop kept the wrinklies at bay like a treat.
Thinking back, I ended up in hospital whilst working on the Machines game -Twice!

“His chips must be getting cold!”
- Intermediate Dad Joke No 3 (deployed on hearing emergency vehicle siren)


  1. Oh dear Josh... I have to hear enough dad jokes at home without you adding to it ¬_¬

    Sorry to hear about the hospital time but at least it was relatively productive :) I've never really been to hospital myself but I can imagine it'd be incredibly boring.

  2. (sitting in a hotel bar in Warwick) What about the original end of level baddy they did not let you use????

  3. If you want to share more - we have a website called wiredforwar.org dedicated to this game. We even got to meet a sound designer and programmer of the game (who helped us greatly in our efforts to modify the game's assets)

    Check it out! It really is a great game!!