Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A very Quick and Silly Dinosaur in Six Easy Steps

Step 1
Draw, in Biro, a silly dinosaur on a soon to be demolished kitchen wall. Explain to small children that you should never draw on walls and that Daddy had been a bit naughty!

Step 2
Take a picky of the drawing, import it into a drawing package and make the drawing layer a ‘Multiply’ Layer. Explain that it is not just Biro that you should not draw on walls with – it’s all pens or pencils!
“No, not crayons either”

Step 3
Create a ‘Normal’ Layer under the drawing Layer and block or blob in your colour. Explain again that in hindsight Daddy had been very silly and should never, ever, have drawn on the wall.

Step 4
Create an ‘Overlay’ Layer above the colour Layer and using black and white, create some shadow/depth to your image. After further questioning, feel the need to point out that it is not just walls that you should not draw on!

Step 5
Create another ‘Normal’ Layer on the top of all the layers to add in the stuff you want to ‘sing’ like the eye, teeth and claws. At this point you may want to tidy up any scruffy stuff on the other layers and point out that; on no account should you ever draw on furniture!

Step 6
Find a (royalty free) texture on the internet without much colour information (greyscale) and use it in an ‘Overlay’ Layer, rubbing out the bits you don’t want to create a bit of texture – a leather texture in this case. Add your poncey signature and explain that because daddy was silly and drew on the wall, the wall now has to be demolished!