Thursday, 10 March 2011

It’s two for one on ‘EPIC’ Sci-Fi Guff!

Get um while their hot, two for one, I’m not making anything on these – just gotta get them shifted, you couldn’t ask for a better deal!
With foreground or without foreground?
I’ve never done a painting like this before so dunno!
Where’s my Mooney, he’d know what was de rigueur.

Dad -   “Red sky at night…….”
Child - “Sheppard’s delight”
Dad - “Red Sky in the morning……”
Child - “Shepherds warning”
Dad -   “Minced lamb, mashed potato and peas……..”
Child - ‘the face’
Advanced Dad Joke No40 (deployed on seeing a red sky or when having Sheppard’s or cottage pie meal)


  1. Now your not telling me you did this on your iPhone!!!

    Absolutely love all the geometric shapes and the depth. The dark silhouettes definitely bring a lot more life and character than without. Looks like something from Painter rather than Photoshop.

    I don't care if you disagree I've never seen this style from you before!

  2. With foreground, I insist on it.

  3. is not the essence of a dad joke getting it wrong
    but in a way that conjures an alternative reality
    that amuses and confuses e.g. does the pope sh*t in
    the woods

  4. Wrongness is a delivery style. The selfless act of self-gratification is core. The individual must apply the texture and flavour to transform this base function into art. It is akin to pure kung-fu where situation and skill level determine the personal fighting style.

    Is this a test Dad?

    ‘Tits like coconuts – and fat balls!’

  5. Wheres my Mooney? IM HERE!! and yea, foreground element one is better.