Monday, 13 February 2012

dOn't forGet to wasH behiNd yoUr eArs!


  1. Haha! Terrible!! Would this class as a dad joke? Or is it not even worth that? This the new paint packet?

    1. Pete me old china -
      What we have here is a visual 'Pater iocus multi'
      The trick is to find your own level.
      Actually being a father allows you to access the higher levels within the image which is a little unfair I know, however, as an insight; japes range in complexity and mass throughout from the simple wordplay to the repetition of a parental activity right through to the gravity of a grown man spending nearly two hours on a painting of Batman having a bath!
      One day my friend, you will have a little creature of your own. The foundations that I am gifting you will mean that you will, out of the blue, realise the value of rubbish-ness. It's like putting on a pair of pants that fit after a year of mum saying "we need to get our money's worth"

  2. dont go changing josh, :)love it

  3. Is there anywhere we can purchase this painting?

  4. Hi Danielle
    Really glad you like my painting

    You can buy it on a Tee Shirt here;

    A phone case here;

    And postcards or greetings cards here;

    Unfortunately I painted it as an art package test on an iPad and didn't really think about resolution - so the final image would not stand up to being printed at a larger scale.

    All the best